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I have more than 10 years experience as a CEO, MD or COO

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We recruit among others for Media Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Digital Agencies, Publishers & Media conglomataes, Mobile specialists, Digital Startups, Communication & PR, Marketing and Sales people on the client side.

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I can help you find and recruit your next CEO, MD, Country Manager, Director, Marketing Director, Client Service Director, Sales Manager, Media Planner, Project Manager, Web Manager, Search specialist, Art Director, Graphic designer, etc.

“People and skills”

Henrik Abraham

Who is Henrik Abraham?

My name is Henrik Abraham, 44 years old. I have worked with people management over the past 12 years including management team, exco  and board work. During the last 10 years i am employed more than 75 people.

I have over the last 10 years been deeply involved in the construction of digital departments, first with Carat Interactive, later in GroupM Nordic within search (Outrider), tracking systems, digital production, Ad-Exchange/trade desk (Xaxis) socialmedia and behavioral targeting. And latest 4 years transforming the media agency Maxus to a digitally lead and data driven agency. I know what it takes to grow business and  employ the right people.

Industry experience:

  • 1 year in Zurich Insurance (Marketing Trainee)
  • 3 years at OMD (Media planner / adviser)
  • 2 years in Viasat / MTG (Key Account Manager)
  • 3 years with the start of Mediekompetens / Vizeum
  • 4 years at Carat (Client Service Director / MD)
  • 3 years in GroupM (Nordic Digital Development Director)
  • 4 years at Maxus (Adm. Dir.)

I have extensive experience with:

  • Client consultancy
  • Newbizz
  • Media Strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Newbizz
  • Presentation Skills
  • Digital counseling

Education & Training:

  • Trained Cand. Merc. CBS in financial marketing.
  • DISC certified
  • Courses and seminars: “Water for fish” customer care training, sales training in expanded sales steps 1-2-3, Maxus Newbizz seminar mm

Clients experince:

McDonald’s, Michelin, Danone, Fiat/Alfa, expert, C More, HTH, L’Oreal, Telia, Fullrate, Canal Digital, GF Insurance, Alm Brand, Bauhaus, Scandlines, 7 eleven, Fitness.dk, Single.dk, Sunweb, Nemlig.com, COOP, Cph Zoo, Børnefonden, Universal Music, Sony, FK Distribution, Zalando, Maersk Line, SAS etc.

“It’s all about getting things done”

Henrik Abraham

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